Excellence Achieved:

We are proud to display the ACHC Gold Seal of accreditation as a token of our commitment to providing the very best Home Health services. The Accreditation Commission for Health Care, Inc (ACHC) is a third-party, not-for-profit organization that has developed the highest national standards for providers to be surveyed against in order to illustrate their ability to effectively and efficiently deliver quality health care products and services to consumers. ACHC awards accreditation to organizations that have demonstrated their policies, procedures, practices and quality assurance programs meet ACHC national standards. Accreditation indicates an organization's commitment to quality and patient safety.

ACHC performs on-site visits in which surveyors audit various performance areas to validate each standard. Surveyors interview staff members to discover levels of training, product knowledge and to determine health and safety standards. They also review customer satisfaction using a variety of methods including direct customer contact. Once all functional areas of the business have been assessed as compliant with ACHC standards, ACHC will then issue a Certificate of Accreditation.

What Does It Mean For You?

ACHC Accreditation is not easy to attain. Organizations must meet many standards & criteria, covering seven areas of business operations, such as Customer Service/Care Management, Quality Improvement, and Fiscal Management. Accreditation ensures that our patients receive the best service and care possible due to the framework established by the ACHC standards.